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M311 | Monarch Butterfly Wall Art - Available in Various Sizes - Elegant Garden Design

M311 | Monarch Butterfly Wall Art - Available in Various Sizes


The Monarch Butterfly is an impressively detailed piece of metal artwork. The intricate metal cutouts accurately and elegantly resemble the iconic pattern on the wings of Monarch Butterflies. This design is sold in sets of three or individually. When multiple of these silhouettes are displayed together, they resemble the breathtaking migration that these butterflies make in early fall each year!

The Monarch Butterflies are made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. It would be the perfect accent displayed on the wall of your back porch, on the exterior of a backyard shed, or even added as nature-inspired wall art for a little girl’s bedroom. 


Monarch Butterflies are iconic and eye-catching North American creatures that flutter through the air each summer. The metamorphosis that these butterflies complete to develop into their beautiful state is a meaningful symbol of transformation display in your home with our Monarch Butterfly Wall Art! 


Our Monarch Butterfly Wall Art is easy to hang with just a few picture-hanging nails. Use small and discrete nails for a seamless look that will make the butterflies appear as if they are floating!



Large - 14" tall x 23.5" wide
Medium - 10.5" tall x 16" wide
Small - 7" tall x 11.5" wide

Minimum item quantities:

Set of 3 - min. of 1
Large - min. of 2
Medium - min. of 2
Small - min. of 2



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