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M420 | Swallows on Berry Branch - Elegant Garden Design

M420 | Swallows on Berry Branch


Our adorable Swallows on Berry Branch metal garden art is an endearing depiction of two friendly swallows closely perched on a branch together. The metal cutouts highlight the distinct smooth body and two-part tail of swallows. The cutouts also add texture and detail to leaves and berries on the branch. 

Swallows on Berry Branch is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and vintage look. It looks best mounted to a vertical surface, such as a window frame, a backyard pergola, or even the trunk of your favorite shade tree in your backyard. 


Swallows are common backyard birds, known for their pointed wings and distinct fork-shaped tails. These birds are unique in that males contribute to the caregiving of baby birds, a partnership adorably resembled by the swallow couple depicted in our Swallows on Berry Branch design! 


Our metal garden art is easy to mount with a 90° angled tab and pre-drilled screw holes added to each piece. Mount your product to a window, tree branch, pergola, fence, trellis, garden gate, or an old log in the backyard. The possibilities are endless! Many of our designs are also available in a stake version that can easily be inserted into soft ground. 

Your steel silhouette can be gently shaped by hand to add dimension and depth. Simply fold out the leaves and the birds’ tails to awaken their life-like charm!


SKU #M420
Dimensions: 6" tall x 9.5" wide



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