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F805 | Garden Gnome - Elegant Garden Design

F805 | Garden Gnome


Our Garden Gnome is a classic depiction of this whimsical figure. The detailed metal cutouts highlight its textured beard, long curled mustache, and iconic pointed hat! Its casual and humble stance looks as if he is peering up at you with his hands in his pockets.

The Garden Gnome is made of recycled steel and pre-treated to create our signature rusted texture and natural look. It would be the perfect accent to display along a front porch railing or along the border of a flower bed. Its rusted finish looks stunning paired with vibrant greenery!

Gnomes are whimsical and mystical figures that are widely popular in garden decor. These lawn ornaments were once figures in 19th-century fairytale stories. They’re a humorous and fun addition to your outdoor space! 


Our metal garden art is easy to mount with a 90° angled tab and pre-drilled screw holes added to each piece. Mount your product to a window, tree branch, pergola, fence, trellis, garden gate, or an old log in the backyard. The possibilities are endless! Many of our designs are also available in a stake version that can easily be inserted into soft ground.


SKU# F805
Dimensions: 12" tall x 5.5" wide


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